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MailArchive Optimizations

I've been working really, really hard to get those stability problems that some users have reported, and also to improve the performance.

Give it a try.  It should work much better now! 
  1. If not, reboot your iPhone and try again.  MailArchive runs better when there's enough memory available, and there's nothing like a clean slate.
  2. If you're still experiencing problems, as a last resort, please reinstall MailArchive and try again from scratch.

Known Issues

I found a "Protocol Error" problem with GMail that won't go away; after tons of investigation, I don't think this is a problem with the app, but rather with GMail's IMAP implementation.  What I've done is to improve MailArchive's response to the problem so it will retry faster, and won't re-occur.  I've personally found that this has limited me to mail from 2007 onwards.