MailArchive is based heavily on the reMail code, and thus issues in MailArchive are most probably issues in reMail.

As reMail has an active community, it is suggested that you first go to the reMail Google Group and the reMail Issues List to see if your issue is a known one.

Known Issues

MailArchive is crashing!

MailArchive 1.3.1 fixed all known problems at the time.  However, there are reported problems with 2G devices.  I am currently investigating.

I can't say how long it's going to take; in the meantime I suggest what you do is to restore from a previous backup, ideally the one just before you installed the latest version of MailArchive.  See further instructions on Apple's website.

I'm pretty sure (I tried it myself) that your emails will be untouched, but no guarantees.  Obviously don't update MailArchive again until I sort the issue.

Update 24 Sept: I believe I've gotten to the bottom of the problem and will release a fix soon.

How do I view attachments offline?

In order to save space on your iPhone, attachments are only retrieved while you are online.  However, once they have been retrieved they are cached so you can then view them offline.

I'm using GMail, and MailArchive isn't retrieving any of my mail.

Go to Settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Make sure IMAP is enabled.

This section will be filled in as the list of known issues grows.  If your issue is not on this list, please send a support request to: