Why MailArchive?

MailArchive downloads all your email to your iPod Touch or iPhone to give you lightning-fast, full-text searching.  Even when you're not online!

You'll always have your emails with you.

Have an iPod Touch and want to bring all your email where ever you go?

Have an iPhone and need your email when on a plane, train, or a meeting room with patchy reception?  Just keep MailArchive handy.

It could save you a fortune.

If you travel internationally and you need your emails on the go, MailArchive will save you some serious roaming fees!  MailArchive is free, so you'll start saving immediately.

It's really fast.

Even online, it's up to 5x faster than searching on Gmail in Safari, or on the iPhone's Mail.app!  Give it a go and see for yourself.

It takes less space than you think.

Typical usage: Nathanael's been using Gmail for 6 years, and has 28,000 emails in his account.  MailArchive stores all his email in 182MB: less than 2.5% of an 8GB device.

MailArchive is constantly being improved.

MailArchive is one of the most actively developed reMail replacements on the App Store.  And, unlike most other clones, all of it's open sourceIts author is one of the most active developers in the reMail community.